Inflatable Kayak Rentals at Redfish Riverside Inn: Come Float With Us!

We know that views of the Sawtooths never get old, but if you’ve never seen them from the seat of a kayak on the breathtaking Salmon River, then here’s your sign to give it a try! With the perfect blend of adventure, views, and relaxation on the water, we know you will love this experience. Come rent a kayak from us at Redfish Riverside Inn and experience the grandeur of the Salmon River!

Kayak Rentals at Redfish Riverside Inntout_3

Kayak season is dependent on water levels and varies each year, but kayak rentals are typically available from mid-June to mid-August.  Our kayak rentals are located right by our office and spa on the river, making it easy to outfit your crew with all the inflatable kayaks, life jackets, and oars necessary for your excursion. Launch your kayak right from our back porch and enjoy a leisurely 1.5-2.5 hour float down 7 miles of the Salmon River! Your float will take you from Redfish Riverside Inn to Mormon Bend takeout. The float varies from season to season, with high spring run-off making for deeper, smoother currents and a shorter float in early summer times. As water levels drop and slow, the float becomes more leisurely- but watch out for shallow edges that may hold up your boat! This family-friendly float is unguided, but no matter your groups’ experience level or needs, our staff will be happy to inform you of typical float times, and provide tips and tricks.

What to Expect

Kayaking on the Salmon River is a great way to experience the stunning scenery and wildlife of the area! Enjoy panoramic views of the Sawtooth Mountains as you leave the valley and enjoy an adventure through the winding valley with mountains on every side. Keep your eyes out for wildlife sightings as well! Common sights include otters, mergansers, fish, bald eagles, deer, elk, and many other animals!

What to Bring

When planning this trip, we highly recommend wearing sun-resistant clothing or having some sort of UV protection! Feel free to bring snacks, water bottles, sunglasses, or any other personal items you may need or want in dry bags! And definitely be sure to bring a camera along too- you won’t want to miss the incredible photo opportunities and memories made along the way!

Kayak the Salmon River this Summer!

If you’re looking for an exciting and memorable way to explore the Sawtooths, consider renting a kayak from Redfish Riverside Inn and floating the Salmon River this summer! Book your kayak rental today and get ready to have an unforgettable experience in Stanley, Idaho! Be sure to make reservations at Redfish Riverside Inn so you can return to your room after your river float for a comfortable evening of relaxation and more unbeatable views of the Sawtooth Mountains and the Salmon River. Experience the Salmon River in a whole new way- we know this will be one experience you’ll absolutely love!