Summer Activities in Stanley, ID

Stanley, Idaho is an adventurer’s paradise. Whether you want to go kayaking down the Salmon River or mountain bike down some gnarly trails, Stanley has it all. We want to share with you three of our favorite summer activities in Stanley, Idaho! Then, when you’re ready to experience them, book your stay with us at Redfish Riverside Inn.

Day on the River? Try Redfish Riverside Kayaks.

Redfish Riverside Inn has inflatable kayaks available to rent. You have the choice between a half-day stretch and a full-day stretch, starting at either 10 am or 1:30 pm. The rental includes a kayak, a paddle, a helmet, and a life jacket. Float down seven miles of smooth water on the Salmon River and see the Sawtooths in a way you never have before. It’s fun for the whole family and is very affordable. 

Mountain Biking – Balance Bike Works 

If you are looking for a few mountain bikes to explore all the bike trails around Stanley, or even just to bike around casually, Balance Bike Works is the place to go. Balance Bike Works is located next to Riverwear in Stanley. They also have a secondary location in the Redfish Lake Lodge parking lot. Balance Bike Works is run by Trei, who has lived in the Sawtooth Valley for many years and is very knowledgeable about the best places to go for all skill levels. Not only will he hook you up with the best bike for you, but he will also give you some tips and tricks on how to have the best experience you could ask for. 

Redfish Riverside Spa 

After a long day of crazy stunts, there’s nothing better than a spa day. Redfish Riverside Inn is complete with a relaxing spa where you can recoup from your action-packed days. Listen to the calming sound of the Salmon River just outside the door while you get a massage. You can choose from an 80-minute full-body massage, a 60-minute full-body massage, or a 25-minute chair massage. Book one today on Redfish Riverside Inn’s Spa page.  

Redfish Riverside Inn

Now that you have had your day of adventure taking part in some awesome summer activities in Stanley, the Redfish Riverside Inn is the perfect place to recharge yourself for the next one. Located on the Salmon River, there is no better place to put your feet up and take in the beauty that is the Sawtooth Valley. So come on over, grab a seat, and have the best vacation of your life. We promise you’ll be completely content.