Idaho mountains

October in Stanley, ID

If you are looking for a place to take a break from the stress of life this fall, we recommend visiting Stanley, Idaho. October in Stanley, Idaho is a whole new world – the beautiful fall colors are in full display, the temperatures are cooling off, and the summer crowds have moved on to where ever it is they go in October, perhaps all the haunted houses. Then, when you’re ready to de-stress in Stanley, Idaho, book your stay with us at Redfish Riverside Inn!

3 of Our Favorite Things to Do in October in Stanley, ID


When October rolls around, Stanley, Idaho turns into a quiet, cozy getaway for anyone who needs one. Temperatures in October average around 56 degrees, making for great hiking weather. Hiking in the Sawtooth Valley is a spectacular thing to experience, and being able to do it in the cool fall air only enhances that experience.  While some of the higher elevations may have some snow, the majority of the trails are still passable and ready to be used. Come experience the solitude of hiking in October in the Sawtooths. The hiker shuttle at Redfish Lake Lodge closes around the second weekend of October, so be sure to take advantage of the first couple of weeks of October while it is still available!  

Hot Springs:

Cooler weather means it is time to jump in a hot spring. Bring a significant other along to one of the many hot springs for a romantic getaway adventure. We recommend Boat Box, Sunbeam, or Kirkham Hot Springs for your go-to places drive-up places. Soaking in a nice, natural hot spring is something that HAS to go on your Bucket List, and there is no better place to do it than Stanley, Idaho. 

Mountain Biking:

Mountain biking is another perfect activity in this October weather. Zipping along the bike trails through the crisp Idaho air is unlike anything else. Biking through the Sawtooth Mountains is a wonderful way to see the area and experience nature. We recommend visiting Balance Bike Works for all your mountain biking needs, they also rent Fat Tire Bikes which are great for muddy, wet, or snowy conditions. Whether it’s a tune-up, a repair, or just some great advice on where to go, Balance Bike Works is definitely the place for you. 

October in Stanley is a precious gift. Come enjoy the soothing sounds of the river and experience the vibrance of fall mountain life at the Redfish Riverside Inn. A magical day spent in Stanley in October is one that you will never forget! View all of our accommodations and book your room today!