Family in hottub

Our Favorite Hot Springs in Stanley, ID

Soaking it up in natural hot springs has always been a favorite activity of Stanley locals and visitors alike. Hot springs are a place where anyone can enjoy the peace and bliss of nature. And because we want you to have a blast while you are here in Stanley, here is our personal guide to our favorite hot springs in Stanley, Idaho:

Boat Box Hot Springs

If you have ever been to Stanley, Idaho, you’ve probably been to this hot spring. Boat Box is a local favorite and is one of the most Instagrammable spots in the Sawtooth Valley. This hot spring is a small tub sitting in the Salmon River, fed from a pipe that comes from the river bed. Boat Box is super easy to find, as it is just off Highway 75 outside Lower Stanley. Visit us here in Stanley, Idaho, and experience that Boat Box magic. 

Steam rises from the natural springs at Kirkham Hotsprings in Idaho along highway 21.

Kirkham Hot Springs

While Kirkham Hot Springs is a longer (about an hour) drive from Redfish Riverside Inn, it is worth it – and to make it easy for you, we have linked the route here. Kirkham Hot Springs is one of our favorite hot springs because it has many different pools and a beautiful waterfall that makes for great photos. This popular stop is surrounded by ponderosa pines and wildflowers and sits on the South Fork of the Payette River. 

Mountain Village Hot Springs

Mountain Village Resort has its own hot spring, with a gorgeous panoramic view of the Sawtooth Mountains. This hot spring requires you to rent through Mountain Village.  You can have your own private haven to enjoy the Sawtooth Valley. Mountain Village has created a small hut around the hot spring, making the ground of the spring soft sand. 

Snakepit Hot Springs

Snakepit Hot Springs is a lesser-known hot spring located right behind the Mountain Village Resort hot spring, and is on public land, and can be accessed on the Stanley Museum Road. Snakepit is a choice favorite because it is relatively unknown and quite large. The only downside is that it can get muddy, but go ahead if you don’t mind getting down and dirty!

Redfish Riverside Inn

Now that we have given you the PERFECT guide to our favorite hot springs in Stanley, Idaho, we expect to see you at every single one! And after you’ve had that nice, long soak, we will see you at Redfish Riverside Inn, where your comfort is our top priority. Check out our cozy rooms and plan your hot spring adventure now, We would be honored to be your hosts!