Idaho foliage

Fall Colors in Stanley, Idaho and Where to Find Them!

There’s an undeniable magic about Stanley, Idaho in the fall. As the season turns, the Sawtooth Mountains transform into a masterpiece of vibrant colors, painting an unforgettable image that captivates both locals and visitors alike. Most of the changing aspens are visible from most major highways. However, nothing beats experiencing the fall colors up close and personal! Here are three outstanding locations to immerse yourself in the full spectrum of Stanley’s autumnal beauty.


First on our list is up Fourth of July Creek road off Highway 75, a hidden gem in Stanley’s autumn crown. Detour from the highway and meander your way up the dirt road leading to the foothills of the Whitecloud Range. As you travel deeper, you’ll find cozy campsites and winding trails that take you into groves of aspen trees showcasing their golden hues against the contrasting forested backdrop. It’s an awe-inspiring start to your fall color tour in Stanley. You will want a vehicle that has good clearance and maybe even four wheel drive!


Next, set your sights on Marshall Lake, accessible from the Redfish Trailhead. As you journey up the trail, you’ll be treated to a landscape dotted with golden aspen groves. These majestic trees stand in the foreground, offset by a broader view of the towering Grand Mogul, Fishhook Knob, Thompson, and Williams Peaks. The spectacle doesn’t stop here – continue past Marshall Ridge to reach Marshall Lake, where more awe-inspiring changing aspens await.

If you’re still not satisfied, you can continue from the fork in the trail (before Marshall Ridge) towards Fishhook Meadow! Follow the Fishhook Trail to discover more beautiful groves in their full autumnal glory. At the end of this trail, you’ll arrive at the expansive Fishhook Meadow. Here, you’ll be treated to tranquil views of Fishhook Creek winding through the meadow, and a wide-screen presentation of fall’s spectacular color display in the Sawtooths.


To make the most of your Fall Colors pursuit, book your stay at the Redfish Riverside Inn! Nestled amid the Sawtooth Mountains in Stanley, Idaho, this inn serves as an ideal home base, offering cozy accommodations and convenient access to the best fall views in Stanley. Wake up to crisp, fall mornings on the Salmon River, and spend your days immersed in the endless beauty of fall in the Sawtooths.

Whether you’re a photographer, nature enthusiast, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of changing seasons, Stanley’s fall color display is a sight to behold. So reserve a room at the Redfish Riverside Inn today, and let the stunning landscapes of Stanley, Idaho be your next fall destination.